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Anita Münz's drawings from the early 1980s resemble the eruptions of a geyser. From herSelf-described as liberation images, this series of sketches reveals the deep inner struggle that accompanies turning points in becoming. The artist notes: 'I grew up with sentences like this: pleasure in sexuality is vulgar, masturbation is forbidden.' (...)

These pencil, marker and oil pastel drawings are an explosive response to the personal limitations of her childhood. More than a simple provocation, her drawings present a complex view of the female erotic - lust, joy, shame, enjoyment, curiosity, daring and anger intertwine in her bold lines and simplified forms. 

Heather Jones is a freelance curator and international editor at Contemporary Art Stavanger and wrote this text on Anita Münz.
(quoted from Gabriele Schor, Feminist Avant-Garde. Art of the 1970s from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna, Volume II, p. 111.)

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