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Born in Basel in 1957, in Vienna since 1960. Lives and works in Vienna.
1993 and 1995 birth of the two sons

Anita Münz is an artist with a focus on drawing and a jewelry artist. The human connection, their relationship to each other and to themselves is her main subject.

In 1979 she begins to draw and with her cycle "liberation pictures". The examination of female and her own sexuality lead to images full of joie de vivre and joy in their own sexuality.
In parallel, the artist draws caricature-like figures that show people in relation to each other, attraction and repulsion, often man and woman. Sexuality is a recurring theme.

Mutter und Tochter, 59,4 x 42 cm, 1982, Blei- und Buntstift.jpg

In 1989 Anita Münz begins with her characteristic jewelry works made of horn, which are the focus of her artistic work for many years.
In 2007 she begins to draw figures again, but it is not until 2018 that whole cycles of paintings are created again.

Caspar & Jakob, 2020, Ringe, Zeichnung auf Horn.jpg

In 2020, 5 early works by the artist from 1981 and 82 will be purchased by the VERBUND COLLECTION for the collection's focus on “Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s”.


The artist's drawings are created spontaneously, without any preliminary design or prior consideration of the position of the figures in relation to each other. Anita Münz draws the outlines of the figures in one line without interrupting them. Colors and patterns give the figures accents, behavior and
Characters clarified. The often colorful figures impress with their expressiveness and wit. Anita Münz draws on paper with colored pencils, ballpoint pens and oil pastels.



1976 Summer Academy at Hohen Salzburg Fortress, Prof. Symon, plastic design; Blacksmithing course in Millstatt

1976 – 1984 University of Applied Arts, master class for metal design, Prof. Auböck

1984 diploma

1991 Study trips to New York and Hong Kong

Anita Münz works in two artistic disciplines: as a jewelry artist and as a draftsman.

She had her first experiences with exhibitions with her pictures, but then worked mainly in the jewelry sector for three decades.

Awards, prizes, purchases

  • 2020  VERBUND Collection: Purchase of 5 drawings from 1981-1982 for the “Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s” collection

  • 1986 – 2019 Purchase of jewelry to collectors at home and abroad

  • 1985 Asenbaum Collection:  Purchase of brooches from the “Faces” series (enamel works)

  • 1984 Bollmann Collection:  Purchase of brooches from the “Faces” series (enamel works)

  • 1976 1st place in the competition for the medal for the 900th anniversary of the Hohen Salzburg Fortress

  • (1966 1st place in the “Maronibrater” drawing competition)

Exhibitions - drawings, objects and jewelry


Group (G) and solo exhibitions (E) |  Catalog (K)

Detailed CV for download



  • SeMoCA, Seoul, Beyond Adornment. A Korean - Austrian Contemporary Jewellery Showcase (G) (K)

  • Kunstverein Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Can you make a living out of it, Artists Networks GEDOK & IntAkt (G)



  • IntAkt Galerie, Contribution MAZE Art production WUK (G)

  • Vienna City Gallery Walk, Attraction and repulsion (E)

  • Vienna City Gallery Walk, The Cardinals & the cross (E)

  • Red Carpet Showroom, Look thorugh my eyes presented by Marschalek Art Management (E)

  • Goldsmith's house, Hanau,With stubbornness*  Jewelry from Austria, Female artists in focus, (G) (K)

  • Kunstverein Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Reflections of Shock, (G)


  • Galerie V&V, Vienna, On the chest and on the wall, drawings and jewelry, (E) (K)

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, “Feminist avant-garde of the 1970s” from the VERBUND collection, (G) (K)

  • Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim near Wels, “With stubbornness*  Jewelry from Austria, Female artists in focus, (G) (K)

  • Design – Classic 2022, from the permanent collection of Galerie V&V

  • Vienna City Gallery Walk, new jewelry made of horn, new drawings


  • Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, “Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s” from the Collection VERBUND (G) (K)

  • Vienna City Gallery Walk, drawing on horn

2021 – 2010 

  • Own gallery shop with ongoing presentation of your own jewelry work from Horn, his own drawings and exhibitions with artists


  • Vertical gallery of the VERBUND collection, Vienna, “Feminist avant-garde of the 1970syears", (G) (K)

  • Vienna City Gallery Walk, 2 talents: drawings 1980 - 2020, jewelry 1989 - 2020

  • Art fair “Fair for Art Vienna”, represented by Galerie Rudolf Leeb

2022 – 2010

  • regular participation with new jewelry works and drawings at the “Vienna city center”Gallery tour” / renamed “Vienna City Gallery Walk” (K) since 2018

2018 – 2010

  • regular participation with new jewelry works in the Long Night of the Jewelry art / then expanded to  “Vienna Jewelry Days” (K)


  • MAK, Vienna, jewelry 1970 – 2015, Bollmann Collection


  • Gemvisions, exhibition in the Swarovski Window, Kärntnerstrasse, Vienna, (K)


  • Opening of my own gallery shop in Vienna


  • Galerie Austria, Vienna


  • Re-view, Austrian Jewelry 1945 – 2003, Tokyo (K)


  • Gallery Alpha, Vienna

1992 – 2008

  • Presentation in the Hubert Hanghofer Gallery, Linz


  • Austrian Cultural Institute, New York (K)

1991 – 1997

  • Presentation at Julie`s Artisans Gallery, New York

1991 - 1992

  • Traveling exhibition, Lower Austrian Society for Art and Culture


  • Painting Museum, Istanbul



  • Contemporary European Jewelry, Paris, (K)

  • Art from Austria, Budapest


  • Design from Austria, Trieste and Bolzano



  • MAK, Vienna, Young Design


  • Europalia, Brussels, (K)

  • Europea Joieria Contemporania, Barcelona, (K)


  • Volker Wegener Gallery, Nuremberg

  • Galerie am Graben, Vienna


  • Galerie Marschalek, Vienna, decorative objects (faces) and wall figures

  • Michele Zeller Gallery, Bern


  • Venice Biennale “Contemporary Jewelry from Austria”, (K)

  • Large mural from the Liberation Pictures series in the “Ring” restaurant on Stubenring, Vienna

  • Diploma, “The beautiful relationship between women and men and the loners”  


  • Gallery Eva&Co, Graz

  • United Art Gallery, Vienna, (K)

  • University of Applied Arts, “Feminale”, Vienna (K)

  • Gallery V&V, Vienna, (E)

  • Galerie Mattar, Cologne / Workshop Gallery, Berlin

  • Gallery RA, Amsterdam


  • Presentation of the “Images of Liberation” at the “Art and Sexuality” symposium, Vienna


  • Künstlerhaus, Vienna, “Literature in March” event

  • Ateliertheater, Vienna, exhibition on the play “The Enclosed” by Sartre, censored


  • Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, exhibition of the metal master class, (K)


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