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Anita Münz focuses on human beings in her humorous drawings and deals with social phenomena as well as interpersonal relationships or interactions in the respective series.

Anita Münz drawing at Galerie V & V as part of her exhibition "On the chest and on the wall" in September 2022.

(c) Sabine Kehl-Baierle


The series "The Heap" from 2022 deals with the phenomenon of no longer being perceived as a single person, but as a mass or accumulation.


Further drawings are based on the thoughts of what happens in the group. With these thoughts in mind, fine reduced black and white drawings are created, but also images with strong colors that deal with social processes.


Since 1979 Anita Münz has been drawing caricature-like figures showing people in relation to each other, attraction and repulsion, often man and woman.

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